Starting new apps from UI

Starting from 2015, my team partners and I always focused to the UI first. We delivered the apps within shorted time and never failed. How it works?

After listening to the client with their idea of how the app should work. …

Swift 5, APN client and server

Client and server for Apple Push notification with Swift 5. Supplement for the lecture week 6.

Not to repeat the lecture. The following are practical side of the class.

Prepare for the client

1- Ask user for permission — either silent or non-silent notification -.

Add the…

Group of individual coders or a team of developers?

Say you have a few apps to be provided in a couple of months. You also have a few developers in hand. There are 2 choices: Form a group or build a team.

Option 1: Group - Assign one developer to…

Static callBack structure

1- Create a global interface file, say with content like this:

package com.yourPackage

//define callback interface
public interface MyCallbackInterface {
public abstract void onDownloadFinished(String result);

Note that the abstract method means this has to be overridden.

2- Define the callBack func in your Main activity…

Popup by Intent

Chapters: webview, JS2Java , Java2JS, Alert dialog, Popup Screen.

Lets call a popup screen from JavaScript thru the Java Bridge class.

In the previous chapters, we have already seen how it works. …

Genius vs standard

Ask yourself a question: “Why all apps from Apple are very common, no fancy at all?

Sometimes, you find your job application hit a coding test. …

Mobile App and Team work with component development

You can do the whole lot from server end, database, middleware to frontend. However, you cannot handle the workload of the team. What if you face 4,5 systems same time? What if each system requires 20, 30 screens or components? …

IOS Component based development in “defined” level

Can you release high quality major project in 3 months?

Humphrey in his book Managing the Software Process 1989 expressed the maturity level of software development.

the levels are defined as:

Initial: The software process is characterized as ad hoc, and…

Slim vs Fat: Multi storyboard

Q: What is wrong with this storyboard? A: omg! it is a bad idea.

I have seen a storyboard with more than 25 view controllers, in each there are many subviews. It is real bad idea.

People confused screen wireframe design with Xcode storyboard. …

Dummy screen, Comments, templates, naming, static Table…

The previous part is here

Using dummy data

FB dummy

You might notice in slow connection, your facebook app screen is filled with the dummy like the above pic. It looks weird, but less irritating than the spinning loading sign. Tumblr app, store and load your last cards…

Michael Tran (mytee)

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